Hi everyone I Susan Dietsch am the owner and operator of Designs For You. A little over 10 years ago my husband and I was looking to find away to make a little extra money when we retired. Nothing big just as a hobby you see. But little did we know that within the first year it took over our home. So here we are in a full blown business.  We are a small shop but we do lots of work here. No job is to big or to small we try to do it all.  We started out with embroidery and about 4 years ago we added the Direct To Garment printer. This doubled our business needless to say we are always happy to work with our customers. It makes us feel good when we see our customers face light up. Especially when they see something that they have designed or a picture of someone they love on a T-shirt.
I have 2 embroidery machines
Brother PR 600 – This is a 6 needle machine
Happy HCD --- This is a 15 needle machine
These machine are all computer driven we use Generations Software to do our Digitizing with.
That is where we take the artwork and make it into a stitch format. Then we send it over to the machines and then we will punch the thread numbers in and let the machine do the work. If it breaks a thread or runs out of bobbin it automatically stops running. They also make clips the thread between each stop.
We use a Brother GT-541 printer
This printer uses a water base ink once the shirt gets printed then it goes under the heat press.
After it gets heat set it is permeate it won’t flake, crack or peel off it is dyed in to the fabric which is very soft and breathable.
We not only print on T-shirts it can also be used for doing Quilt Blocks, Pillows, Towels and a few other items.
A printed T-shirt is one of the best ways to advertise your business buy you and your employs wearing these it is a Walking Advertisement. This is the best advertisement for your money that you can get. People will read the backs while you are in checkout lines or one the job. This is in your face advertisement it will be seen. You will be glad that you did it.
Danny Dietsch is in charge of my printing department he is really good at what he does.
When our customers come in he will work with them and 98% of the time they can walk out with the product in hand.  Which is great when you are doing FUNDRAISERS there for you can have a sample in that you can use to pre sell the shirts with. This way you are not out any money and you don’t get stuck with leftovers.